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November 9-11, the year of our Lord Emperor 2018

Welcome to the fastest growing 40K Grand Tournament in America. Following the success of the last three year's events, The General Staff welcome you to bring your toughest and fluffiest lists. Bring your best painted and your worst combos. This is a no-holds barred event where Loyalists, Heretics and Xenos are welcome alike - bring your favorite toys. This is the premier gaming event in the Southeast, so join us for three days of fighting and fun.

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Hotel Info

Warzone: Atlanta 2018 will take place in the same place it has for the lsat three years, the Doubletree by Hilton in Marietta, Georgia.

The address is: 2055 South Park Place, Atlanta, Georgia, 30339-2014, USA
Additionally, Warzone: Atlanta has a special discount registration code: GWA. Either register with that discount code, or click here to book your hotel.

Warzone: Atlanta 2018 is coming! Details will be announced soon!

The General Store

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Friday Night X-Wing Ticket

$10 - This ticket admits you to Warzone: Atlanta's X-Wing Tournament

Friday Night Shadespire Ticket

$10 - This ticket admits you to the Warzone: Atlanta's Shadespire Tournament

Friday Night Apocalypse Ticket

$10 - This ticket admits you to the Warzone: Atlanta's Friday Night Apocalypse

Warzone: Atlanta 2018 Shirt

$20/25 - These are our signature Warzone: Atlanta t-shirts with our 2018 logo. Only available this year!

T-Shirt Size

Blue Dice

$10 - Our signature Warzone: Atlanta dice, updated for 2018 in blue.

Pearl Dice

$10 - Our signature Warzone: Atlanta dice, updated for 2018 in pearl.

Meal Pass

$25 - This pass gets a spouse, friend, child, or other non-player the same awesome meals you get as a Warzone: Atlanta attendee!


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Warzone Gigabites Mission Pack
Warzone Gigabites Mission Packet

These are the missions that will be played at Warzone Gigabites.

Army Construction Rules
Army Construction

All of the directions to assemble your army for Warzone: Atlanta can be found here.

Model Policy
Model Policy

All models at Warzone: Atlanta must follow the model policy described in this document.

Rules of Engagement
Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement, The General Staff's FAQ, will be in effect at Warzone: Atlanta. Click here to read about what changes and clarifications have been made.

Mission Packet
Warzone: Atlanta Mission Primer

This packet contains the nine potential missions that will be played at Warzone: Atlanta 2018.

Appearance Rubric
Appearance Rubric

The appearance rubric found here will be used for paint judging and potential entry into the Armies on Parade competition.

Sportsmanship Rubric
Sportsmanship Rubric

All players are expected to have read and follow the minimum play guidelines outlined in the sportsmanship rubric found here.


Giga-Bites Cafe
Giga-Bites Cafe

Giga-Bites Cafe is Marietta's #1 gaming store and cafe. From Warhammer 40k to Magic, Warmachine and everything in between, Giga-Bites has you covered. Come play on our open gaming tables, and get to know our great staff and great community. But wait, there's more! Not only does Giga-Bites cover your gaming needs, but we have a fantastic selection of the best Coffees and Sandwiches money can buy. Come in today, and learn what Giga-Bites is all about.

Dicehead Games
Dicehead Games and Comics

Dicehead Games & Comics provides gamers and collectors a fun atmosphere to gather with friends and play their favorite games in our large game room, or attend one of our many sanctioned tournaments or just check out the newest products in games and comics.
If you live in Cleveland Tennessee, or plan on visiting our area, be sure to stop by.

Vendetta Games
Vendetta Games

Vendetta Games is a fun, interactive Hobby/Game shop which supports a variety of different games and hosts numerous events. The owners are friendly and knowledgeable, and take a very hands-on approach to gaming. We enjoy an easy, friendly atmosphere with helpful local players, making this the perfect place for both new and seasoned players alike. Proud sponsors of Warzone: Atlanta and The Atlanta 40k Series.

Beyond the Brush Studios
Beyond the Brush Studios

Beyond The Brush Studios is the new home of award winning miniature painter and player, Adam Abramowicz. After winning many of the nation's top honors for painting at the tournament level, he's set out to share his skills, expertise and prize-winning aesthetic with his fellow gamers and hobbyists.

Dicehead Games
Curled Paw Creatives

We are a graphic design duo based in Birmingham, Alabama specializing in creating custom canvas wraps. Andrew is a Freelance Photographer and Graphic Artist while Hollie is a full-time Textile and Graphic Designer. With our skills in photography and graphic design we want to share with you.
We create all original artwork or digital artwork. We love to do retro styles and classic landscape photography. Let us know if you have a favorite picture of your own, we can custom print and wrap on our hand made wooden frames. Check out our Facebook!

Impudent Mortal
Impudent Mortal

Impudent Mortal designs, develops and manufactures terrain and gaming accessories for tabletop gaming. We got our start back in October of 2012 when we launched our first terrain Kickstarter for our laser designed terrain Impudent Mortal manufactures high quality laser cut MDF Terrain and Gaming Accessories for tabletop wargaming that looks great and is affordable. Our company’s aim is to push the limits of what is possible with laser terrain by constantly testing new techniques and materials while staying true to our philosophy of listening to our customers feedback for developing new product. So, if you have any comments or suggestions please contact us! Also make sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up on our latest developments and get awesome deals and discounts!

Game Mats EU

GameMat.EU is a proud sponsor of Warzone:Atlanta. From game mats to the newly designed resin terrain go check them out for your table top needs.

Shadow's Edge Miniatures
Shadow's Edge Miniatures

Provides Affordable Hobby Supplies to Miniature Wargamers without Sacrificing Quality.

Impudent Mortal
Death Ray Designs

Death Ray Designs is a proud sponsor of Warzone: Atlanta.

Pop Goes The Monkey
Pop Goes the Monkey™

Want something new to give your army that extra edge to make them stand out in a crowd? Then check out our Bits and Pieces! Your prized plastic miniatures will be the envy of your gaming group. Pop Goes the monkey™ is a shop on Shapeways™ that provides high quality 3D printed bits to fit your favorite space-aged warriors. Make painting your army easier while giving it the uniformed look the heroes of the galaxy deserve. All products are designed to fit your miniatures perfectly. With over 1,000 bits list you’re sure to find the bit your looking for.

Philip Cohn
Philip Cohn - (770)458-6130

Philip Cohn State Farm is proud to sponsor Warzone Atlanta. Gamers please call us for a quote on your insurance - mention Gigabites as your referral. Once you complete your quote we will have Gigabites Cafe credit you with $10 Giga dollars. Georgia residents only.

Atlanta 40k Series
Atlanta 40k Series

Atlanta's best Warhammer 40k league. Series event played by players from every surrounding state. Keep checking us for location and times.


The General Staff
The General Staff

The General Staff was founded in 2002 by several Atlanta gamers (and great friends) who regularly played miniature wargames together. When our small group started attending tournaments, we called ourselves The General Staff as a nod to our historical minded members. While our group plays games including historical, fantasy, space combat and more, we have always maintained a core interest in Warhammer 40k. Our involvement in 40k has grown over the years and we typically have a large presence at major tournaments across the nation as well as host a regional 40k Tournament Series here in Atlanta, GA.